(Contains 17 photos)
Ells and the Southern Wild portfolio
(Contains 39 photos)
Home grown Collective portfolio
(Contains 24 photos)
Splat the Rat portfolio
(Contains 40 photos)
Locarno Beat portfolio
(Contains 38 photos)
Mischa and his merry men portfolio
(Contains 30 photos)
Bob Porter Project portfolio
(Contains 17 photos)
Jamie R Hawkins portfolio
(Contains 46 photos)
Missin' Rosie portfolio
(Contains 34 photos)
Unsung Roots portfolio
(Contains 60 photos)
Ruff Diamond portfolio
(Contains 45 photos)
State of Undress portfolio
(Contains 30 photos)
Gilmore N Jaz portfolio An acoustic guitar due playing their own style of Jazz and blues bringing the atmosphere of a Greek taverna or Parisian bistro or Spanish tapas bar to your venue.
(Contains 21 photos)
Rob Richings portfolio A singer/songwriter who , through his lyrics, tells the audience of his experiences, people he has met and places he has visited along the way.
(Contains 17 photos)
Indoor Goblin portfolio Indoor Goblin brought along a lot of fairy dust and an abundance of bubbly combining spoken word story telling accompanied by hypnotic piano loops and melodies.
(Contains 23 photos)
Henry Bateman portfolio
(Contains 22 photos)
Guillem Mitchel portfolio
(Contains 19 photos)
Jimmy Moore portfolio
(Contains 21 photos)
Jenny Bracey portfolio
(Contains 25 photos)
Emily McGrory portfolio Singer/songwriter whose music is inspired by her life events and experiences.
Her performance is full of emotion and never fails to entertain.
(Contains 37 photos)
Dark Island portfolio Alex and Scotty are Dark Island performing mainly British acoustic music-traditional and original folk,blues, jazz and a few covers thrown in for good measure.
The are multi instrumentalists and you can expect to hear guitar, flute, saxophone, bouzouki and of course tight vocal harmonies.